Here are some commonly asked questions:


How to donate?

You can choose to donate 1 Pack of adult diapers or/and 1 Carton of adult diapers or more.

1 Pack consists of 15 Pieces of diapers and 1 Carton consists of 8 Packs X 15 Pieces which is equivalent to 120 Pieces of diapers.


How much is the donation?

For 1 Pack adult diapers donation would be S$15 and 1 Carton adult diapers donation would be S$100.


Who am I donating to?

Your donation will be forwarded to the seniors in the nursing homes, social welfare organisations. Some of the organisations we work closely are:

Thong Teck Home for Senior Citizens, Tai Pei Old People's Home, Moonlight Home For the Aged and Handicapped, Lee Ah Mooi Old Age Home.

It will also go to people who reached out to us here


How will I know if my donation has been forward?

Friends of Seniors will send you an email to acknowledge your donation. We will send you a second email once we have delivered the diapers to the recipient.


If you have any further enquires, write to us at