There are more than 50,000 Seniors who are staying alone and with their children busy at work or has moved out after marriage, we understand that they may not be able to check in or spend some time with their parents.

Having a Peace-Of-Mind Accompanying Service, Our Friends-Of-Seniors will help by:

  • Visiting the senior at home on a weekly/ three times a week/ daily basis. (Monthly package rate depends on the frequency and needs required.)
  • Observe their physical/cognitive well-being.
  • Engage the senior in conversation.
  • Engage the senior in simple physical and mind stimulating activities.
  • Medicine compliance reminder.
  • Provide recommendations to clients on the senior’s care plan.

Peace of Mind service in Singapore helps observe the physical and cognitive well-being of the seniors. We conduct regular home visits to ensure their safety and address any issue they may have at the first instance. Friends of Seniors assists you to look after your loved one when you could not personally attend to them. Contact us to find out more.

By spending more time and with the relevant experiences, we also help remove communication barrier with seniors do not disclose their problems with