Confidence Unisex Pull Up Pants
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Confidence Unisex Pull Up Pants

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Confidence Unisex Pull Up Pants

[10 Pieces Per Pack]

Measurement (Waist):

  • Medium: 55 to 90 cm
    Large: 80 to 120 cm


    • Medium: 700 Gram 
      Large: 900 Gram


      • Frontal Tape & Resealable Tape. Diapers can be removed and resealed repeatedly.
      • Quick Dry Absorbent. Absorb liquid faster and turning it into a gel for more comfortable wear.
      • Ultra Soft Cover. Extra soft surface and yet keeping you dry.
      • Slim & Fitting. Will not bulge in the front when worn.
      • Side Leak Guards. Double protection from leaks and yet comfortable to wear.
      • Anti Bacteria. Prevent the emergence of bacteria.
      • Highly breathable on the waist.

      Urine incontinence makes a person unable of holding urine for a longer time in the bladder. A person begins urinating involuntarily because of the loss of control or weakening of the sphincter muscles.

      Confidence adult diapers are one of the topmost preferences when it comes to choosing an adult diaper pant because of its several benefits. Confidence Adult Diapers are manufactured utilizing advanced technology so as to make one of the most absorbent and leak-proof diapers for adults. Equipped with a dry lock core, these adult diapers provide greater absorption and are extremely efficient in dealing with incontinence.

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