ZeeZeeZee Memory Foam Pillow
ZeeZeeZee Memory Foam Pillow
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ZeeZeeZee Memory Foam Pillow

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ZeeZeeZee's High-Density Memory Foam Pillow With Removeable Tencel Cover.

 Our very own ZeeZeeZee Memory foam pillow.

Sleep Like You Are On Air

Soft Plush Memory Foam

If you are getting tension headaches when you wake up, most probably your pillow is too firm. Our Soft Plush Memory Foam material has just the right density to support your head comfortably and evenly removing all pressure points that will cause tension headaches. 

Supporting you when you are soundly asleep.

Contour Pillow

A pillow is not just for supporting your head. A good pillow is there to support your neck. The contour design of the pillow is meant to support the C-Curve of your neck, keeping the strain you will feel when your normal pillow fails to support your neck.

Keeping You Cool Every Night

TENCEL™ Fabric

TENCEL™ are produced by environmentally responsible processes from the sustainably sourced natural raw material wood.

TENCEL™ fibers absorb moisture more efficiently to help your body feel pleasantly cool and dry for a comfortable night’s sleep.

Keep Dust Mite Allergy At Bay

Removable Fabric Cover

Removable Fabric Cover means cleaner pillow. Try to wash your pillow fabric cover at least once a month to keep those pesky dust mites away so you and your little one can breathe better.

 **Not suitable for pillow fights.

✓ Soft Plush Memory Foam

✓ Contour For Greater Neck Support

✓ Tencel Fabric For Better Cooling

✓ Removable Washable Cover For Better Hygiene